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British Silver Week 2012


Launching this year at the fine art Pangolin London gallery on 12 May the BSW Festival of Silver 2012 promises to be bigger than ever.

Contemporary silversmithing is enjoying a renaissance in the UK. In the last three hundred years there have never been more talented working silversmiths in the UK. Teaching by the art colleges of traditional silversmithing skills combined with contemporary design ideas have produced a remarkable group of modern silversmiths.

Now in it's fifth year British Silver Week has benefited hugely from patronage and sponsorship from the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths', as lead patron, the Duke of Devonshire, Lord Cunliffe, the four UK Assay Offices, trade organizations, companies and private individuals.

The original launch at Goldsmiths' Hall set the tone for British Silver Week in 2008 as an organisation of the highest order. Over 40,000 people saw a major exhibition in 2009 at Chatsworth, the home of the Duke of Devonshire, a renowned contemporary silver collector. In the last four years, 69 selling exhibitions in England, Scotland, Wales, Germany and Malaysia have sold more than £1 million of modern silverware through the BSW Festival of Silver.

The new partnership between the silversmiths, the eventholders and BSW has been key to promoting contemporary silversmithing in an exciting format to the media and general public in retail outlets, jewellery and fine art galleries.

The concept of BSW was brought together by Gordon Hamme, in partnership with the renowned silversmith Brett Payne.



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