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Mondaine Watch Ltd. was founded in 1951 by Erwin Bernheim and is managed today by his sons Ronnie and André Bernheim.

It unites the brands Mondaine, Camel Active, M-Watch as well as Luminox.

The assembly of these watches takes place in the Mondaine factory in Biberist/Switzerland, where also private labelled watches are assembled.


Mondaine represents affordable luxury.

The Mondaine timepiece design is distinct, clean, easy to read and immediately identifiable thanks to its signature red seconds hand - all superb selling points for retailers and high-demand features for consumers.

The timepieces are crafted of high quality materials and are Swiss made.

Mondaine Watch Ltd. is the creator of the Official Swiss Railways Watch collection, launched over 20 years ago.

Inspired by the Swiss Railways clocks, which have indicated the precise tiem at all Swiss train stations for more than 60 years, these Mondaine watches put this iconic clock on the wrist.



One of the biggest trends in the watch industry right now
is more traditional, classical designs, inevitably simpler,
slightly smaller and thinner.
As a response, Mondaine is introducing a new collection
called Simply Elegant. Mondaine has always been a leader
in design, using the instantly recognizable Swiss Railways
Clock dial, emulating the time-honored design present in
every Swiss train station. The Simply Elegant offering is
made up of two styles in a variety of color combinations --
in 41mm and 36mm stainless steel cases.


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