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Lightning Ridge in NSW is the only place in the world where you can find Black Opals, it is likely that they are now all mined now.


There are differnet types of opal:

Boulder Opal

Found in South Western and Central Queensland, this beautiful variety of Opal is similar in appearance to Black Opal and forms naturally within ironstone "Boulder" which is cut to form part of the gem stone.

Light Opal

Found mainly in South Australia at Cobber Pedy, Mintabie and Andamooka. With brilliant reds, blues and greens intermingled in a white or light background.

Doublet and Triplet

A thin slice of colourful Light Opal is laminated onto a layer of dark material (usually Opal potch) to form a Doublet. The addition of a clear dome of crystal (where the Light Opal is sandwiched between the clear dome and the layer of dark material) makes it a Triplet. The capping give the Opal layer protection. Both varieties are water sensitive and hence stones should not be immersed.








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The first opals were found in Lightning Ridge in 1887. The area is so called because of its vast iron ore deposits which act as a magnet to thunderbolts during stormy weather.

The stones display a deep and intense array of vibrant colours.
Opals have their own place in the history of England with Queen Victoria making them popular by wearing them and giving them as presents to her children to boost the mining industry in her new colony. Indeed Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was herself presented with a black opal necklace on her wedding day by the people of Queensland, Australia.

Furthermore, opal is the birthstone for October! Good luck is thought to be assured to all those giving and receiving black opals and who couldn't benefit from a bit of luck?





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